Organizational knowledge app and writing of lesson plans for instructors of the Noam youth movement


NOAM is an inclusive youth movement and as such youth with special needs are an integral part of all groups in the movement. The movement’s instructors, high-school aged youth, do exceptional values-based work. NOAM’s educational approach is based the UDL methodology (Universal Design for Learning), a methodology which helps to adapt the movement’s activities to the abilities and challenges of its members. The instructors are required to prepare lesson plans for the activities which they will conduct. In order to prepare the activities, the instructors rely on a wide range of sources to ensure that the content is adapted to the specific challenges of each participant.



The system we developed for NOAM allows the instructors to write the lesson plans on their smart phones instead of manually writing them on paper. In addition, the system allows access to a data base of activities which the instructor can amend, duplicate and improve. The system includes an option for feedback, allowing senior instructors to give feedback on all activities via their smartphone, approve activities and more.



Making all data bases accessible to NOAM’s team of instructors.



When we approached this special project, we adopted the Inclusive Design approach, an approach which, from start of the process, considers the fact that future users have a range of abilities which need to be addressed.


As part of our research process, we visited a summer camp and spent many hours with the training team. In this way, we learnt the daily routine of the instructors and the unique character of the movement and its members.


The process of characterizing and designing the knowledge system demanded continuous communication with the educational coordinators and instructors. We created screens on which we presented innovative and easy-to-implement solutions. The suggested solutions were examined through usability tests throughout the process, and we used the feedback and insights we received to improve the solution.



An app which allows the instructors to easily write lesson plans. In a way which combines the manner which the instructors were accustomed to manually write the lesson plans and using the movement’s unique educational methodology.



The inclusive approach of the NOAM movement gained recognition due to its efficiency and importance. We thoroughly enjoyed working on this project. The best part was the knowledge that we helped a courageous youth movement to make great strides in including youth with special needs and adopt a relevant and comfortable technological solution which speaks to youth in their language.



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