Breathing shield

Breathing shield is a wearable protective device designed for use in contaminated areas. The system ensures a safe working environment by protecting against airborne biological infections and air pollutants. Designates mainly for medical staff and environments.

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Ensuring that the device is comfortable and suitable for 95% of the population 

Ergonomic design

The system needs to be comfortable to wear for extended wear, eliminating any pressure points.

Protection Vs communication

Balancing the need for a protective face mask that doesn’t obscure facial expressions, which are crucial for effective communication, particularly for medical teams interacting with patients.

Methods and Activities:

User Research

Learning about the target users needs, work environment and anthropometrics.

Task analisys

Detailed mapping of user actions and gaining insights about their impact on the product design and anticipated work procedure.

Ergonomic analysis

Design assessment and definition of ergonomic requirements.

Usability testing

Experiencing prototypes with real users in their real-life work environment.

The solution

Images courtesy of Breathing shield technologies


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