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Our Design Philosophy

In the intricate world of content, designing user interfaces for autonomous systems demands a unique approach. At ED&U, we go beyond the ordinary, leveraging our rich experience across diverse industries to handpick the perfect interface and technology for your specific needs.


Understanding of users and operators

The operation of a robotic warehouse differs from using a robot in an accurate surgical procedure.
As human factors experts, we understand that an excellent user experience depends on knowing your users.
The interface we provide to operators is tailored to the industry and the user, so that it works well.


Understanding the world of content

Designing user interfaces for autonomous systems is different from designing user interfaces for other systems.
We can select the right interface, the right technology based on our experience with a variety of industries and interfaces.

Tailored Excellence

Our team of human factors experts dives deep into understanding your users and operators. The result? An interface meticulously crafted to suit both the industry and the individual, ensuring unparalleled functionality.

Our power

Masters of Human-Robot Interaction - Our Multidisciplinary Team

Meet our powerhouse team – a synergy of psychology, UX/UI design, ergonomics, research, and engineering expertise.

Our extensive portfolio boasts a spectrum of robotic systems, from AI-based decision support and AMRs to surgical robots.

We don’t just design interfaces; we sculpt ergonomic positions, intuitive UX controls, and accessible data, alleviating cognitive load concerns.


Examines the relationship between humans and the systems they use, paving the way for products and services that better meet people’s needs in the most natural and seamless way possible.



Ergonomics is all about increasing comfort & decreasing the risk of injury on the job. We assimilate ergonomic requirements to better develop products that meet the needs of those people who use them.


We design so you can shine. Our UX/UI design process enables us to find the right design to improve your customers’ digital and physical experiences, from buttons & interfaces to navigation & more.


We work harder, so your customers can work smarter. Mapping potential usability challenges and learning human factors allow us to improve existing interfaces & optimize how your products are used.

Our HRI clients



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