Designing a future-forward commander’s station in the new Merkava-Barak tank breaking the paradigm: complex systems must be built for action

The role of a tank commander is one of the most challenging roles in the IDF. 

While commanding additional three team members who are running the tank, the commander is required to be aware of the battlefield reality in detail, and in some cases responsible for actions of more tanks in his echelon. 


To provide the tank commander tiebreaker technology that will provide significant advantage in understanding the battlefield while reducing cognitive burden dramatically.

The system we designed was based on three main components: a touch screen, a handheld joystick, and a smart visor that integrated augmented reality (AR) technology, enabling the tank commander to see outside of the tank, without dangerously and unnecessarily sticking their head outside.



Situational awareness

The commander must keep his head inside the turret, to be protected from enemy fire. Doing so, the commander is blind to the outside world.


Cognitive workload

New technology provides valuable data from multiple sources. High dataflow means high cognitive workload. The commander is required to process the information while taking fighting decisions and executing tasks. 


Ergonomic risks

The commander’s station in the tank turret has limited room for body movement, which results in limited opportunities for adequate body postures, and hardly any personal adaptations of the equipment.


Solution validation

An extremely complex system requires ongoing testing during the design process, to ensure the implementation of effective solutions.

the result

One centralized place for all of the tank’s system operations and management.

We designed the interaction of the tank command center, enabling a single place for operations and management, from where the tank commander can continuously lead operations and control battle outcomes (to the best of his ability), with minimal risk to his life. All of the system’s components could be synchronized: the stick controller, tactical computer software, and smart visor.

The Impact

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