Office ergonomics in 2022 – the home office

Office ergonomics at home? In the last two years, the home office has become a primary or secondary workplace. Quiet, an individually adapted environment and dynamism are the ergonomic solutions that will help you work comfortably and efficiently. But how is it done? And what about office ergonomics in the home environment? What is ergonomics? […]

Human factor engineering in the development of complex systems

Human factor engineering The man-system integration approach Integration of human factor engineering in the development of complex systems may be challenging. For this reason, this issue is often not part of the development process routine. This applies to small and large, well-established companies alike. When human factors are not integrated in the development process, users […]

Prototype – why use a prototype in early stages of a product

“If a picture is worth a 1000 words, than a prototype is worth a 1000 meetings” – Tom & Daviv Kelly Prototype – seeing is the best way of understanding Imagine the following situation: you are standing next to a panel in a large conference room or sitting and presenting on a projector in front […]

User experience – the challenge in characterizing generic systems

User experience The challenge, in a nutshell: if a dedicated system is built according to predefined principles and use scripts, in the first versions of a generic system, it cannot always be known who the main users of the system and what the common use scripts will be. One of the challenges in the user […]

2022 Ergonomics Day – how ergonomics can help you

Did you know? The 28th of February is Ergonomics Day in Israel and around the world The purpose of ergonomics is to prevent musculoskeletal injuries, the leading causes of which include repetitiveness. For this reason, ergonomists have chosen February, which is the month whose number of days changes each time and is not repetitive. A […]